Tutorial: How to create Global Sitelinks

This tutorial is made to show how to create global sitelinks, both static and dynamic.


Global sitelinks are created in the Project view:      


To start creating your sitelink just push the "Add new sitelink" card.

You will then see a pop up windows wich is where you create you sitelink:  



Static sitelink:

To create a static sitelink everything is very straight forward. Write the Link text and set a URL.

If you want to add a start date and end date you can, but this is optional.

When your feel satisfied with your sitelink just hit the "Save changes " and your static global sitelink will be created.


Dynamic sitelink:

To create a dynamic sitelink there is a few more steps you need to take since it has to get the information from the feed.

Start with choosing your product feed:


Then add a filter if you want to select where the sitelink should get the information from:


Next step is to choose wich product you want to show. You can use the one with the highest review rank or perhaps the one with lowest cpa:



When that is done all that is left is to set a name for the sitelink(this is only for you to see) and add Link text, Link URL and a start and end date(start and end date is still optional):



Push "Save changes" and that's it! 


If you are unsure what the difference is between a global and campaign sitelink please see this tutorial: 






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