Tutorial part 9. Publish

How to Publish

When you are done with the reviewing of what you have created it is time to publish, we will guide you through the steps in this part.

Note: A good idea before publishing is to make sure you have synced your Adwords/Bing Ads account first and clicked "Done reviewing changes", that way it is easy to see what objects was created/changed by RealTimeAds.

Also remember that changes made in RealTimeAds does not take effect until you press publish.


  • Start by clicking on the tab called Clients
  • Next click the green button with an arrow pointing up.
  • A small pop-up will appear 




  • At first the box will be empty but when you select which source you want to publish too, the preview box will be populated with objects that will be published. Also you have the option "Republish failed objects", check this if you have corrected objects that failed earlier and you want to retry publishing them.
  • If all is correct, click OK
  • You will now get another pop-up that will tell you that RealTimeAds will start working on this and that you will receive an email when it is completed
  • The email that you will receive will give you a summary of all the objects RealTimeAds managed to publish and  objects it potentially couldn't publish. Like this example




  • As you can see in this example one entity, in this case a keyword, could not be published. The reason for this is that it violates Google's policy. This can be a troublesome problem when creating ads in different languages. In this case the word "med" (which is the violator) isn't intended as a shortening for medicine, but the Swedish word for "with". This violation could actually been avoided by using the Freemarker built-in ?replace when creating the keyword template, you can read more about Freemarker here.

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