Tutorial part 8. Running the RTA job

Running the RTA job and verifying the campaign structure

This part will show you how to run the RTA job and how to verify the campaign structure, so that we really know what we have created. 


  • When you are happy with your campaign, adgroup, ad and keyword templates it is time to run the RTA feed job.
  • To generate all objects you run RealTime Ads (RTA). RealTime Ads will fetch your products and generate campaigns, adgroups, ads and keywords etc. for them based on the your active templates.
  • You start the RTA job by going to the Client level and choose the "RealTime Ads" tab and then click the "Run RTA" button.



  • When you have clicked the button a small pop-up will appear




  • Soon you will get an email in your inbox with a summary of what has been created and also if there was any problems.




  • Hopefully everything has gone well and objects has been created, you are now ready to publish your created objects.

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