Tutorial part 2. Add Tracking: Google Analytics

Adding Tracking to your Project

Note. RealTimeAds supports a lot of different tracking solutions from various tracking providers, this example will show you how to add Google Analytics.


  • In the sub tab menu choose tracking details and click Add




  • As Tracking Provider choose Google Analytics
  • Your Analytics ID can be found in the Google Analytics URL hxxps://ww.google.com/analytics/web/#report/visitors-overview/a123456w1234567p1234567/ it is the numbers after the "p" parameter so in this case 1234567. Add this as your Analytics profile ID
    (Note that this should always be the admin analytics profile ID).
  • Fill out the username/password belonging to that Analytics profile
  • Choose the currency you want Analytics to be using and then click Save
  • You also need to link Google Analytics and Adwords, for help with this click here.
  • The next part will show you how to add a feed to your project.



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