Tutorial part 3. Adding a Feed

Adding a Feed in RealTimeAds

You can read more about the feed here, about how it needs to be structured and also about Freemarker which is used in RealTimeAds to draw the information from the feed.

A few things you need to think about before you start working in RealTimeAds

  • Make sure you have the feed in the correct format
  • It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the feed to easier understand its content and how to split it
  • Also make sure that the feed is accessible and that you have access to it



  • Start off by clicking the sub tab called Feeds and then click Add
  • Choose a name for the feed
  • Type in the URL where the feed can be found
  • Choose a format
  • If your feed is protected with username and password these shall be typed in here
  • Choose status
  • The box furthest to the right is where you schedule when you should run feed jobs and whether or not to auto publish after the feed job is done
  • When all the above is done you click the little button on the left (marked with a green ring) the similar looking button next to it runs the RTA job, click this after all the templates are setup.
  • And finally click Save

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