What does each button do in Feedeo

Buttons used in the RealTime Ads system


fold.jpg Closed collapsible section. Push it to unfold a part of the screen.

unfold.jpg Open collapsible section. Push it to close the section.

publish.jpg Publish updated campaign objects to Google or Bing.

sync.jpg Download campaign objects and campaign changes from Google or Bing. (Called the Sync)

stat.jpg Download statistics from Google or Bing. You can download one day at a time. If you need to download more data please contact support@feedeo.com.

removeF.jpg Removes object from a list. Used for filters in the grid and site links for example.

addF.jpg Adds a new object to a list. Used for filters in the grid for example.


runRTA.jpg Starts the RTA job which downloads the feed and creates new campaign objects from the defined templates.

pausedRTA.jpg If this symbol is shown it means that the Campaign or Ad group is paused.

searchRTA.jpg Download and validate feed. If the feed is validated it will show how many products it contains.

Refresh.jpg Refreshes the associated object such as the statistics grid or product feed.

search.jpg To see a drill-down of items. Used to see ad groups in a campaign for example or categories in a feed.



RTA.jpg : Shows if a Campaign or Ad group is managed by RTA(the system).


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