Working with the search query report

How to find and use the search query report

This guide will tell you where to find the search query report and what to do with it. In the search query all searches that have triggered your ad will be compiled.

The search query report is a great tool to use when your campaign/s have been running for a while. You can rarely use it on campaigns running for less then a week, with the possible exception of very generic campaigns.

The search query report will help you find useful keywords that have triggered your ad and that you deem useful, it will also help you identify the "CTR killers", those keywords with high impressions and low click through.

Once you have found these keywords it is really easy to add them either as positive or negative keywords, one-by-one or in bulk.


  • As you can see in the screen shot below, the search query is located under the keywords tab.


  • So here you will get a list with all the searches that has triggered your ad/s in the selected ad group.
  • There are two ways to work with keywords, the first way is to simply mark it by checking the check box and then clicking the plus or minus icon depending on if it should be a positive or negative word. You can easily change the ad group and campaign you want to move the keyword to, as well as the bid, match type and whether or not the keyword should be negative. 


(Note. Clicking the plus or minus icon will move the keyword immediately, meaning it will be moved with the current settings it has. So make sure you do your desired changes before clicking.)

  • The second way to work with the keywords is by checking more than one and then clicking the small green arrow next to the Graph & Settings text and then choosing the details tab. So as you can see in the picture below I've marked a few keywords and this is how the details tab will look when working with keywords in bulk.


  • Under the details tab you will find the same options that you can find in the grid but it is a bit more evident, you have the option to choose match type and in which ad group the keyword should be placed. You also have the option to set the bid and destination URL and also whether the word should be negative or not.


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