RealTimeAds Overview





This is the first view you will meet when logging into RealTimeAds. One of the first things you might notice is the Navigation boxes. The first three ones provide you with an easy way to find and manage your desired Client, Campaign or Ad group. The last two boxes to the right will provide you with two general filtering options, Traffic Source and Market Channel, this means you can quickly sort out objects on Traffic source and what type of campaign you are running. Another thing to mention is that the windows are searchable, meaning just click on any client and start typing this way you can find your object even faster.

Right before the help button in the top right corner is a currency drop down, this sets the currency shown throughout RealTimeAds.

Note that if you set the currency to Euro and you are working with a Swedish campaign, if you change for example keyword bid remember that RealTimeAds will set the bid as Euro.

Underneath the Help and Logout button in the right corner you will find another small drop-down, there you can choose which objects that will be shown, Active, All but deleted or All. More about statuses here.

On the right side under the Market channel box a date drop down is located, this is where you set the date range of the data you wish to display in the grid.


The Grid

On the middle of the screen the grid is located, this is where all the statistics are gathered and shown. It is possible to customise the grid by choosing which columns to be shown by clicking the small button furthest to the right beneath the show percent option. When clicking this button a pop-up will appear with all the available metrics listed, there is also a custom slot where you may type in your own metric/calculation.



On the left side opposite of the report tool is the filter tool, here you can choose to apply more accurate filters. It is possible to add several filters to really specify what you are looking for.




At the bottom there is a small green arrow with the text Graphs and Settings next to it, when you click the arrow you will expand the Graph tool and a few subtabs under which you can do various settings.




 It is possible to customise the graph settings, when you click the button Edit Graph settings a similar looking pop-up as the one in the grid will appear with a large amount of options to choose from.

It is also possible to extract the graph using the report tool, you can choose to extract the report directly as .xls file (Export Excel) or as a .tsv file.




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