Freemarker as "Active when..." criteria

Freemarker in "Active when..."

As of Release 70 (2012-12-19) there will be a new feature in RealTimeAds. On ad group level and down you now have the possibility to set the Active when... criteria as a Freemarker expression.

To get started using this feature go to the desired object (remember it is Ad group level and down) and where you set the status for the ad group, keyword or ad template there is now an option in the drop-down list called "expression is true".


This feature makes it possible to set the status to be "Active when expression is true" so as an example

"Ad group should be active when: ${(priceWithTax lt originalPriceWithTax)?string}" would mean that this Ad group will only be active when priceWithTax is lower then originalPriceWithTax





Note that you can only use a expression that can return as true or false

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