Report and Graph tool

Using the report tool


The report tool is located on the right side of the grid, the two green buttons called "Export Excel" and "Export TSV". This tool is used to create reports based on the data that is visible in the grid, this tool can be used on every object level.

You can either use the navigation boxes to filter out the objects you want data on or you can mark them by checking the checkboxes. For reports on keywords and ads you can't use the navigation boxes all the way, you need to click each tab.

Once you have selected the objects you want data from it's only a matter of deciding if you want the report exported to Excel or as a .tsv file. This report will include all 60 available metrics, so if you have chosen a lot of objects to get data from it might take up to a few minutes to compile the report.





Using the graph tool

The second tool is the graph tool, you can find it by clicking the green arrow next to "Graphs and Settings".

To use this tool start by choosing the time frame you want data from in the date drop-down, after that it's time to choose what type of data you want by choosing metrics, this is done under the Edit Graph Settings. There are a total of 60 different metrics to choose from, including a custom field. With the custom field functionality you can do your business specific calculations directly in the graph tool, no need to export to a spreadsheet first.





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