Template Structure

Template Structure


A setup in RealTime Ads consists of a set of templates that will be applied to the product feed. These templates will generate all the campaign objects based on the rules setup in the templates.

There are four different kinds of templates:




All different templates are needed for a complete RTA campaign setup.


Campaign Template




This template defines which campaigns will be created from the product feed. In addition to the Template Name, Status and Product Feed settings some important settings are made here



Campaign Structure
This is where you define on what criteria you want split your campaign on and also you define filter settings here, either choose the option include all items which will not filter anything, or set as many filtering criterias as you want using the include all items with:


Adgroup Template




Also on this level there are the options to split and to filter, there is also a option to set initial default search bid (Note that this bid can be overridden on the generated ad groups when optimizing and that this bid is not updated when the feed is being processed). Another option that is avaliable here is the possibility to set ad group active status, the option ad group should be active when: allows you to define criterias the ad group need to fulfill to be active, e.g. Here it is possible to define that the ad group should only be active when you have a sale.


Keyword Template



The keyword template is used to create keywords based on feed content. Keywords are created from dynamic parameters from the feed. Start creating a keyword by typing a $-sign and a list of all available parameters is shown.




The keyword dell inspiron 15 is created by typing $description in the Keyword text field. The keyword buy dell inspiron 15 is created by typing buy $description in the Keyword text field.

Note that the same template can create keywords for each match type.

Ad Template



The ad template tab takes dynamic parameters from the feed to create ad texts.  RealTime Ads has a built in script language called Freemarker. This can be used to create rules, formatting, if statements etc.





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