Click Time vs. Event Time

In CampaignControl you will find the prefix ET in front of metrics. This stands for Event Time as opposed to Click Time which carry no prefix. Examples of this are

  • ET Sales
  • ET Leads
  • ET OV
  • ET AOV
  • Sales
  • Leads
  • OV
  • AOV

We distinguish between when an ad is clicked (Click Time) and when a purchase is completed (Event Time). Typically some time will pass between when a consumer clicks an ad and completes the purchase. Therefore it doesn't make sense to compare today's number of sales or revenue with today's number of clicks and traffic cost. Today's Sales and Leads i.e. the events is the result of clicks on ads shown over probably several days.

Imagine a person looking for a new sofa online on Friday afternoon. She finds one that she likes through a text ad on Google. During the weekend she may discuss the sofa and the purchase of the same with her partner. They agree to buy the sofa and completes the purchase on Monday morning after having checked her bank account. This sales Click Time would be Friday and the Event Time would be Monday. The cost of the ad is of course reported on the Friday.

To correctly compare the effectiveness of a specific period's advertising you should compare it based on Click Time such as ET Sales, ET Leads and ET Order Value etc. 

If you want to compare how much of a day's sales comes from your ads you should compare that day's total sales with ET Sales or ET Order Value in CampaignControl. 

Typically, you optimise on Click Time and report financial results on Event Time.


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