Filters in CampaignControl

CampaignControl has four types of filters built in:

Status filters

  • Accessed through the Effective Status dropdown
  • These filters show AllAll but deleted and Active campaign objects. Note that this filter shows the Effective Status, i.e. an active keyword in a paused adgroup is considered inactive when it comes to Effective Status since this keyword will never be shown on the search engines

Date filters

  • These filters define for which time period all statistics metrics will be presented for

Navigation filters

  • Navigation filters are used for navigating to the correct Client, Campaign, Adgroup, Traffic Source or Marketing channel
  • These filters are accessed through the Navigation Bar

Optimisation filters

  • These filters are used for locating specific campaign objects for optimization/analysis purposes
  • For example “Show me all keywords with a CTR larger than 1%”

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