Release 3.3.0

Introducing description fields on sitelinks!
In this release we provide support for two (2) description fields to sitelinks. You can now use up to 95 characters in your sitelinks, divided into a headline (25 characters), line 1 (35 characters) and line 2 (35 characters).

The two extra text lines are available both on project level and locally on campaign- and ad group templates.

(Description fields for project sitelinks)

Bulk-delete project sitelinks
Now you can easily delete a bunch of sitelinks by using the multiselect function. By just clicking the multiselect button once, you select all sitelinks on the page you are on. Click it again to deselect all. By clicking the dropdown you can choose to select all sitelinks, on all pages.

Delete all selected sitelink by clicking the trash can.
(Multiselect on project sitelinks)

Bing accounts upgraded with OAuth2 for increased security

Bing recently released support for OAuth2; a way to externally authenticate access to your account. It is more secure than their previous solution and we have therefore decided to implement support for this. We recommend Bing users to complete this updgrade as soon as possible. Bing will remove support for the existing security method shortly.

A few steps required to activate the new, safer, way of handling your Bing campaigns:

  1. Change login on Bing Ads - Bing changed the way to login to their service and every time you login to they ask you to get the new credentials. Do what they ask you to do. Follow their easy steps to either create a new Microsoft login or use your existing (,, 

  2. Authenticate in Feedeo - Go to your project/projects in Feedeo that is connected to Bing. Go to the Projects tab and open the details. In the list of Traffic sources, click the "Auth" button for the Bing account you changed login for. You will be asked to login with you new Microsoft login. 
  3. Save - Save the project with your new Bing login.

If you have multiple Bing accounts connected to your new login, make sure you do step 2 and 3 for all projects using those accounts.

"Click time" data now support for Google Analytics as well
One of the features of Feedeo is that it allows you to report based on when the ad was clicked (click time) or when the purchase as completed (event time). We usually say that you should report on Event time and optimise on Click time. To date it has not been possible to see Click time data in accounts using Google Analytics as tracking provider. In this release we remove that limitation.

A customer, Laura, clicks on ad A on Monday and visits your site. On Tuesday you start a new campaign with a new sales message. On Wednesday Laura comes back and completes the purchase.

If we reported this looking at the event time metrics it would be easy to think that Lauras purchase was due to the new campaign launched on Tuesday. If look at the click time results instead Laura's purchase will be reported on Monday indicating that it was not dependent on the new campaign.

All your data will automatically be reported in this manner after Tuesday's release. It should also be possible to reimport historical data if you want to look at your click time data historically. You need to contact the support desk for this.

If you have optimising Tasks and Filters configured with event time metrics (ET_OV, ET_Sales) or vice versa you should ensure that you're using the correct one. 

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