Export Feedeo Feed tool

The Feedeo Feed export tool

Have you ever found that you’re doing the same replace operation in every template over and over again. If you only could make the replacement in once place instead. Well know you can. The Feedeo Feed tool allows you take your original feed, optimise it and import it again to drive your RTA campaigns.
  • Make simple replacements in the feed once instead of in every template
  • Merge or split fields for better structure and ad copy
  • Calculate actual prices to be used based on your product attributes or a hard-coded adjustment
  • Replace technical category names with search friendly names
  • Filter out products that you never use or create several smaller feeds with tighter product ranges to better match your campaign structure.
Make better campaigns and ad copies
You can use less freemarker code in your templates
Your RTA jobs will run faster

Quick start

  • Go to the Sales Channels tab in your project
  • Click on the Feedeo Feed app
  • Select an existing feed
  • Select products using the filter functionality
  • Add the fields that you want to include 
  • Select which original field that you want to map from or add a freemarker expression to do some Feedeo magic
  • Complete the feed and copy the resulting export URL
  • Set up a new Import feed using the new feed URL


Resourcing an existing project

Typically you will already be working a project. It is ALWAYS difficult to use a different feed to drive an existing project. Things can quickly go wrong if you don't know what you're doing. You've been warned.

You can't change the feed used for a campaign template. It is only possible to select a feed when you create a new template. However, you can change the feed URL in your product source which will solve that small obstacle.

  1. Create a new Import feed with the original feed URL
  2. Create a new Feedeo Feed tool feed, optimise your feed and export
  3. Go back to your existing Import feed that you use for your RealTime Ads project. Go to settings and change the feed URL to the one you just generated when exporting.

What can go wrong?

Splits - Feedeo creates campaigns, ad groups from partitions of your feed. Each partition is defined by which field you chose to split on. For example if you want an ad group for every category you will split on the category field. An Ad group will be created for every category found.

If a category names changes Feedeo is not going to be able to associate the existing ad group with the new name. Resulting the existing ad group being paused and new ad group will be created for the new category name.

Whenever data fields are used in templates to create text the text will be updated. (Which should be the desired result) 

Keywords will be replaced with the new updated keyword. I.e. the existing keyword will be deleted.

If you find yourself in a situation where Feedeo has created new campaigns and paused existing campaigns in an undesirable manner you can try to change the URL of the Import feed used by the templates back to the original URL. Run RTA and hopefully the paused object will be activated and the new ones will be deactivated. 



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