The difference between Event time (ET) and Click time statistics

If you've been using Feedeo for a while and if you're using Analytics, for instance, as tracking, you might have noticed some deviations in the revenue on Analytics and the Order value (OV) in Feedeo. 

This could be because you are looking at OV in Feedeo, and Analytics only reports in ET OV (they call it Revenue).

Event time vs. Click time

Event time (ET) sales show the number of sales during the given time period. No matter when the customer clicked the ad. The user can click an ad and then a couple of months later come back and buy an item. This sale will show under ET sale even if the time period does not include the date when they actually clicked the ad.

Click time sales shows the number of sales conducted that were a result of clicking the ad during the given time period. In other words, a click time sale is when a customer both clicked the ad and bought something during the given time period. That metric is therefore more closely connected to the actual ad.


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