Tutorial part 1. Adding a Client

Adding a Client in RealTimeAds

In RealTimeAds a project or customer is called Client. Say you are selling clothes in both Sweden and Norway and of course you want to keep the data separated between the countries, therefore you would create two Clients, Clothes SE and Clothes NO.

  • Start by clicking the Client tab and then Add
  • Fill out the Client name, set the appropriate person as Sales Manager and Campaign Analyst. (The difference between the two is that the Sales Manager has read-only access and the Campaign Analyst has full access).



(Before the next step you might need to enable pop-ups in your browser.)

  • Next step is adding a Traffic source. Click add and a small pop-up will appear, choose traffic source and type in the details and press Auth.



For Google


For Bing

    • The Account ID for Google can be found in the top left corner in your Adwords account, it consists of 10 numbers (XXX-XXX-XXXX)
    • The Account and Customer ID for BingAds can be found under, Accounts & Billing, then click on the account you want details for, the account ID can be found on the left side and the customer ID can be found on the right side under the details tab.



RealTimeAds supports Google, Bing and Facebook as traffic source. 


  • Before client creation is complete you'll have too choose tracking solution, the next part of the tutorial will show you how to add Google Analytics as tracking provider.




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